Selection Panel

Flavio Dias


Latin America

Flavio Dias Fonseca da Silva is a member of our executive board, holding the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Company, whose possession was taken on April 27, 2018. Previously, he held the position of Director of the Company‘s Online Business Unit, December 2016. Previously he held an executive position in the group, as CEO of Cnova, GPA’s electronic commerce division. With more than 17 years of experience in e-business and CRM, Mr. Fonseca da Silva is one of the pioneers in e-commerce in the country, having launched the Brazilian website of the world‘s largest retailer,, where he acted as CEO and was the founder responsible for the company in Brazil. More recently, he led the creation of the first 100% digital retail bank in the country, Banco Original. He also held executive positions at Philips and Magazine Luiza. Mr. Fonseca da Silva completed his undergraduate program in production engineering at Faculdade de Engenharia Industrial (FEI) in 2000 and received his master‘s degree in business administration from FGV-EASP / UCLA in 2004.

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