Fernanda Mijangos

Venture and Fellowship Finance and Strategy Director, Ashoka Global


Latin America




Fernanda works at the Global Venture and Fellowship team managing the finances and support search and selection of new social entrepreneurs strategy development! Before moving to DC, Fer lived in Colorado where she earned her Global Social & Sustainable Enterprise MBA that helped her better understand social entrepreneurship and realize how she could contribute to the world-wide movement. Originally from Mexico, Fer worked in the construction industry where she created a revolving credit line that helped build low income housing. In her spare time she is an active ocean conservationist focused on sharks. Fernanda holds a PADI Instructor license and constantly seeks new ways to get involved in preserving our natural ecosystem, locally as well as globally. Fer enjoys hiking, camping, diving and spending time with her dog, Fibonacci.

The MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge to become Economic Prosperity Challenge in 2020