Fernanda Borges Hoff Monteiro

Human Resoucers Consuting, Consulting

Latin America

• Executive Human Resources career consolidated in several segments (metallurgical, auto parts, paper, construction and IT).
• Development of Strategic People Management Plans to support the business, using diagnostic skills, business vision and customer relationship in the value proposition for the Leadership Team.
• Conduct global multinational / national programs and policies for change management, career planning, and effective budget, budget and matrix package management, ensuring the appropriate cost / benefit ratio of Infrastructure investments and services.
• Experience with the implementation of CSC-Shared Services Center, HR systems in M & A acquisition processes like Change Management.
• Trade union and labor negotiations in the national territory in the consolidation of the trade union-company-factory group dialogue.
• Programs, software and methodologies: Office, ERPs (SAP, PROTHEUS, ADP, DIMEP, Dynamics), 9Box / Calibration Meetings / Success Factor, Labor and Social Security Legislation (E-Social), Apprentice / PCD / Diversity Inclusion Program.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

Because I believe on the people, and the technology and I think is possible new generation be better than this generation.

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