Dmitry Alexeev

RnD director, Atlas


Dmitry Alexeev is a motivated researcher in the field of biomedicine. Until recently running his own lab of 20 ppl. including both student and senior scientists. A course teacher in bioinformatics. Being a scientist in 4th generation is aimed at overall rationality and education spread, extremely vast experience in organization of events ranging from camps and festivals for over 5000 people to scientific conferences and expeditions. Since 2014 D.Alexeev started a private company Knomics LLC. – biomedical startup aimed at bioinformatic technologies commercialization in the field of molecular medicine diagnostics. Most of the projects are connected to human gut microbiome and using it as a tool for diagnostics in future.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

I am eager to know more about inclusion and spread the word

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