David Bent

Honorary Research Associate, Institute for Global Prosperity


David is passionate about being part of the generation that puts the world on a sustainable footing. His work is on how organisations can shape and surf economic transformation in that direction.

At the UCL Institute for Global Prosperity he leads a programme on practices industrial strategies for global prosperity, including how to generate secure livelihoods during the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’. He also advises businesses, charities and Foundations.

David is a non-executive of Vigeo-Eiris, a leading ESG firm, and Trustee of EIRIS Foundation.

Previously he was Director of Sustainable Business at Forum for the Future, where he lead the advisory practice on how companies could succeed by creating a sustainable future.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

We're realising that we need to shape how technologies evolve and are deployed in order to get a brighter future.

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