Daniel Villela Plotrino

Director & Founder, Akaty

Latin America

Engineer, entrepreuner and technology executive, founder of Akaty, a consulting company helping medium and large corporations in recreating and changing their business through innovation and digital transformation, using startups metodologies and tools.

Director at FIESP, Federação das Industrias do Estado de São Paulo, the largest entrepreneurial entity in the Brazilian industry representing more than 130 thousand industries in various sectors, of all sizes and different production chains. Leader and mentor of several initiatives to develop the innovation and startups ecosystem in Brazil.

Daniel was also CEO and co- founder of Vivant, an e-health startup that created an innovative IoT plataform based on wearables and gamification to deliver corporate quality of life programs.

Public speaker, mentor and advisor in startups and in public/private innovation programs.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

Placing the machines to perform the mechanical jobs will give us the time to create and choose to do what we really love.

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