Dagmar Boettger

Founder and Executive Coach, Ignition Global Ltd.






Dagmar is the Managing Director at Ignition Global, Hongkong. Prior to this she worked for 20 years in Strategic HR Management for BASF in Europe and Asia triggering mainly the question: how to translate strategic goals into people-related leadership concepts and people Innovation. She introduced the software-driven process of developing leaders in APAC at the time and co-led the transformation of a Shanghai based production joint venture to become one of the most innovative sights in China. She also developed a data-based performance management system.

She now co-crafts innovation management in companies to lead teams to better innovation results and to manage the transition to new thinking and handling of change. Her focus remains to unleash the power of people to overcome organizational and mindset barriers. She loves her work with (culturally) diverse teams as they combine the strengths that innovations need, tech is a fascination to her.

She loves Asia, is passionate about dancing and music, and loves a good sense of humor. Her area of expertise includes Change Management, Performance Management and Culture Transformation. Dagmar has a Master’s in International Political Economy from University of Warwick and Bachelor Business Administration from Coventry University.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

quote Intelligence is a great multiplier. If we humans manage to combine smart people with intelligence-enhancing tech, work will be more efficient and fun.

The MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge to become Economic Prosperity Challenge in 2020