Cristina Pombo

Digital Economy Advisor, Social Sector Department, Interamerican Development Bank

Latin America

Cristina is a senior advisor, an economist and strategist on innovative initiatives for the development of Latin America and the Caribbean. She is the principal advisor to the Social Sector Manager on the divisions’ operations and leader of the digital economy strategy, which leverages digital technologies to provide more efficient social services in the region. Previously, she served as Advisor to the Office of External Relations and to the Vice Presidency for Countries and worked as a Specialist of the Office of Strategic Planning and Development Effectiveness. Prior to joining the Bank, she was Special Advisor on youth innovation projects to the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation, as well as Academic Advisor to the Economics Department of Universidad del Rosario.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

Open a range of new possibilities and challenge us to truly be creative on how to put people at the center of the social services.

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