Carlos Centeno

CEO & Co-Founder and UN Officer, Pontink & United Nations


At the UN, Carlos has been designing, launching and taking projects to scale as well as evaluating strategy to revamp programs that are stuck in East Africa, Asia & Pacific, and Central America. He specializes in bridging the tech and humanitarian sectors in the areas of shock resilience and emergency preparedness and response and its relationship to people’s livelihoods.

Carlos is the CEO and Co-founder of Pontink, a boutique consulting firm specializing in bridging academic and private sector innovations to be piloted in the humanitarian sector.

He is currently the Policy & Program Officer for Resilience in the UN WFP Regional Office for Asia & the Pacific where he provides project support and technical guidance for more than 20 field offices in the areas of social welfare, urban, agrarian livelihoods and post-disaster recovery operations. He’s also a Humanitarian Innovation Fellow at Concord Consulting and a Representative M. Leland Congressional Fellow.

He’s recently completed professional certificates from Oxford University’s Said Business School Blockchain Strategy Program; UC, Berkeley’s Project Management Program; as well as Harvard Humanitarian Academy’s Urban Emergency Management and Georgetown’s Program Evaluation for Managers. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Kansas.

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