Carlos Calderon

CEO, Datathinking

Latin America

Senior economist with 20+ years of successful professional experience, taking leadership roles in the industries of ICT and Media in Latin America.
During this period he has participated and led six corporate start-ups in 4 different countries.
The last 10 years, both as CEO at Dataimágenes and Chief Digital Officer at GMD, has collaborated with top management of various types of enterprises in developing data-driven Transformation projects and technological transformation in business models.
Today he leads Datathinking SAC, the first consulting firm in the region specializing in Data-driven Transformation, is Partner, Mentor and Capitalista Angel in various start-ups of the Peruvian ecosystem and professor at prestigious Peruvian universities as well as director of the Senior Executive Program: Leading Digital, in UTEC.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

New forms of value creation will have a new name which finally call work.

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