Carles Alonso Torras



Latin America




Carles Alonso is from Barcelona, Spain, based in Chicago, IL & currently lives in Medellín, Colombia. He holds a BA in International Studies (minor: Arabic & Islamic Studies) and BS in Economics (concentration: finance) from the University of Pennsylvania, Magna Cum Laude. Carles has developed skills in research (at Foreign Policy Research Institute and Lauder Institute), management consulting (at E&Y’s Life Sciences Division) and macro trading (at JP Morgan Chase’s FX options trading desk). He is active in the social impact space, having co-directed the Penn Microfinance Club’s Latin America Team, as well as co-founded and presided over Compass Capital, before joining Suyo PBC, where he is the acting Chief Operating Officer. He is a water polo player and fluent in four languages (with knowledge of French and Arabic).

The MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge to become Economic Prosperity Challenge in 2020