Bruno Fazoli

Innovation Manager/MBA Professor, Builtcode/FIAP

Latin America

MBA professor at FIAP on innovation and startup methodology (StartupOne)

  • Startup Hunter, experienced on developing startup accelerator and innovation program,
    promoting selection, acceleration and mentoring startups, through entrepreneur ecosystem partnerships.
  • Responsible to address cognitive innovation solutions for traditional business and companies.
  • Total of 10 years experienced on IT consultant. Experienced of Software Testing – SAP functional and regression testing.
  • Deep experience and strong leadership skills for onshore and offshore testing team management, test strategy, training, people development, project monitoring, tracking, KPIs and reports across range of industries including Mining, Health Care, Insurance, Manufactory, Financial Services.
  • Solid experience in solution architect for new business, go to cloud strategy, cloud architecture design, business scalability, IT infrastructure cost reduction.
  • Quickly adaptable to new situations.
  • Positive feedback to the professional challenges and pressures.
Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

We can create incredible future scenarios and achieve it using technology to reinvent the future.

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