Bill Triant

VP, Strategic Partnerships and Investments, Pearson


US & Canada




Bill Triant is Vice President for Strategic Partnerships and Investments at Pearson. In this role, he manages Pearson’s relationships with its major strategic partners such as Amazon, Google, and Apple, while leading Pearson’s strategic partnerships and investments in education technology companies. Prior to joining Pearson, he worked at two private equity firms focused on the education industry. Bill started his career in the Boston Public Schools, where he taught math and a vocational program focused on business and accounting. Bill serves on the boards of the Codman Academy Charter School, the Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education, and Omega Schools, a company in Ghana.
Bill’s primary interests in education include: improving the link between vocational education programs and job placements; encouraging non-cognitive skill development in primary school; and developing new types of credentials that are inexpensive to obtain and identify talent accurately.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

quote People are techno-pessimists mainly because we can easily list all the jobs that will go away, but can't imagine all the jobs that will emerge

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