Aparecida Alessandra garlera

Consultora empresarial, Aprimora Brasil

Latin America

Executive Coach – Aprimora Brasil;
Life Coach, Executive Coach and Member of the Brazilian Coaching Society;
Neurocoaching – by the Brazilian Institute of Coaching;
Graduated in Business Administration;
Post graduate in People Management;
Co-author of the book Coaching the turn-around time;
Behavioral analyst Alfa Assessment;
Coach of Leadership, Career, Trainer and Speaker;
It acts with corporate development, preparing leaders, managers and teams to increase the company’s performance;
Personal and professional development preparing professionals for the job market;
Extensive experience in People Management, Organizational Strategy, Training and People Development;
Volunteer Work РSocial Santo Ant̫nio SP РTrainer

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

first it will be a pleasure to participate closely the development of professionals who are developing with desire to change their history

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