Anup Akkihal

Anup Akkihal

CEO, Logistimo


Anup Akkihal is an action researcher and systems thinker with 16 years experience building technology and crafting strategy in military, pharmaceutical, agriculture, energy, automotive & retail industries – across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. He’s had the privilege of designing field/tactical logistics systems for the U.S. Army, managing SAP enterprise software projects, advising UNDP, WHO, USAID and UNFPA on logistics strategy, and providing inclusive web-scale technology to governments in Myanmar, South Sudan, Zambia and India.

Anup co-founded an “inclusive supply chain” effort called Logistimo in 2011 to pioneer novel value networks in frontier markets. Alongside collaborators, he works to assure rural access to essential products and strengthen market linkages for village producers across emerging markets — especially in public healthcare, agriculture, energy, industrial goods, and consumer products.

Born and raised in West Virginia, Anup studied at the Johns Hopkins University and MIT.

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