André Chaves

Account and Project Manager, HJM Tecnologia

Latin America

I worked for 22 year at HJM Tecnologia a small software house. I was a software developer, project manager, account executive and, for last, business advisor for the CEO. We’ve experienced the growth dilemma from 2009 to 2014, with sales increasing at lest 50% by year, leading us to a client dependency and concentration.
We built the first MVP of an startup named Otimiza Benefícios solving the scalability at operations problem.
At May 2017 I was invited to act as a mentor of the Lean Startup Program from UC Berkeley and Alumni COPPEAD. 30 startups were accelerated by the 2 months program. It was a great opportunity to smell the Silicon Valley dust.
At September 2017 I was invited to conduct the workshop “Using technologies to optimize processes” to 14 startups at Plataforma Space from Sicoob bank.
At January 2018 I affiliated at ABMEN (Business Mentors Brazilian Association).
At April 2018 I was selected to be mentor of the Business Incubator of COPPE / UFRJ and Inovativa Brasil Program.
My graduation is in IT at UFRJ and I have MBA at COPPEAD. I am very connected to many entrepreneurs, investors, executives from the innovation ecosystem. My best attribute is relationship.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

New technologies are inevitable. We need to make the better use of them in order to make disruptive changes

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