Andre Araujo

Entrepreneurship Manager, Porto Digital / Jump Brasil

Latin America

André Araújo is an entrepreneur and business consultant. He is a business management graduate, MBA in Business Finance, MsC in Design and currently a PhD student in Design. In 2000 he founded Jynx Playware, pioneer brazilian game development studio, and has since worked in IT and innovation related organizations such as C.E.S.A.R, Ogilvy&Mather, Joy Street S/A and Havas WorldWide. His formation years included jobs at InfoGlobo, Lloyds Bank PLC and Price Waterhouse Coopers, as well. Currently, André is a proud Entrepreneurship Manager at Porto Digital, one the world’s most prestigious technological parks.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

Even with job automation lurking, social responsibility and a reshaping of urban areas will redefine work as we know it for the best.

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