Ana Maria Gomez Lopez

Entrepreneurial Finance Advisor, Universidad Javeriana

Latin America

Ana Maria has more than 15 years of professional experience combining business development, consulting and financial services. Expertise driving end-to-end transformations to maximize business value and deliver results, accelerating technology adoption rates, improving customer experience, streamlining operations and reducing costs.

Ana Maria holds a B.S. in Economics, P.G in Corporate Finance and is a recent MBA graduate from the MIT one-year program for mid-career professionals, Sloan Fellows Program ’17. At MIT she had the experience to lead Fintech initiatives and Blockchain related projects. Before Sloan, she was Engagement Manager at EY developing business transformation for financial institutions, through consulting projects from strategy to implementation working primarily on operating models, digital and client strategy, and cost-effective service delivery.

She is actively participating in NGOs to promote diversity and inclusion. Currently, Ana Maria is a professor of entrepreneurial finance at Universidad Javeriana in Colombia and Executive Director Ad-honorem at MET Community to promote women entrepreneurship.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

The technology disruption is forcing -and helping us- to develop unique human skills and think more inclusively!

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