Alfred Ongere

Team lead, Ai Kenya






Alfred Ongere is an African innovator and technologist who considers himself an impact chaser. He is passionate about using technology to impact people’s lives positively He founded, and currently leads, Ai Kenya, a community collective of enthusiasts and practitioners in the field of Machine Learning and Data science in East Africa. Alfred believes that Africa, particularly Kenya, shouldn’t be left behind in the advancement of emerging technologies, particularly machine intelligence.
He has served as Intel tech community lead for Multimedia University of Kenya, organizing and training events on Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence where he trained over 500 students on Internet of Things prototyping and problem-solving using Intel Architecture
as well as over 600 students on Artificial Intelligence fundamentals and held training workshops across universities in Kenya.
This brilliant innovator is a product of High Impact Entrepreneurship Training Bootcamp in Boston University , under the TrepCamp Program. Among his top achievements in Ai, Alfred received a honorary mention under the Maathai Impact Award in 2018, which recognises work by African innovators in the field of machine learning and Artificial intelligence.

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