Alex Carstens

Alex Carstens

Founder & CFO, Viridis Learning, Inc.

North America

Alex Carstens is focused on closing the global skills gap at Viridis where he leads strategy, finance and corporate development. He is originally from Riverside, CA and received a Bachelors in Economics from UCSD. Alex then moved to New York to work in equity research, and investment management for various investment banks and private equity firms, including his own advisory firm, and serving as CFO of a microfinance nonprofit.

After Wall Street, he received an MBA from Columbia Business School with a concentration in Venture and Strategy. Before joining Viridis, he served as Founder & COO of KarmaBox, a mobile SaaS platform for retail, and as a consultant & advisor to various tech startups in NY and CA. Alex has been starting businesses since 2000 and has extensive experience with strategy, business development, finance, analysis, and operations.

His current obsessions are EdTech, Blockchain, FinTech, angel investing and space. He is a member of MENSA and is a Milken Insitute Young Leader.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

The futre of work promises much change, but also the opportunity to harness that change to increase equity in employment.

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