Alberto Néstor Terlato

Faculty member & Program Manager of the PhD. Program in Systemic Innovation, ITBA University

Latin America

Holder of a University Degree in Economics. PhD Program in Business Management at UCEMA University.
Specialization in TQM at a Quality College in France. Training in Marketing in France, England, Spain, Belgium and Germany.
Area of Expertise: Strategy.
Program Manager of the PhD. Program in Systemic Innovation (ITBA University). Management Professor of Strategy & Management in BA & MBA Courses.
Professor in the abovementioned chairs of Enterprise Sciences PhD Programs in Argentina (UADE University) and in different universities of Brazil.
Speaker at national and international conferences as well as writer of articles and case studies for print media and for both national and international universities.
Consultant of the Ministry of Science and Technology in evaluation of technological projects.
Holder of several top management positions in different sectors.
In the Insurance field, Development Manager for Argentina and Uruguay and Commercial Manager at Royal&SunAlliance.
In the Banking industry, Quality Manager for Latin America at Credit Lyonnais, in charge of implementing quality programs in Latin America. Strategic Marketing Manager at BNL, Commercial Manager at Banco Torquinst and General Manager at Banco Municipal de la Plata, where a successful turnaround program was developed.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

The world has suffered many revolutions. From craftsmanship to industry. From the manufacture of goods to the production of knowledge. From evolutionary societies to VUCA

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