Alanna Hughes

Senior Consultant, Ms.


US & Canada




Although a Massachusetts native, Alanna also comes from a background in international entrepreneurship that that includes launching the first Caribbean chapter of a MicroConsignment-focused organization, serving on the Full Economic Citizenship team of a global social entrepreneurship nonprofit, and advising Dominican business owners through the Peace Corps. Alanna is particularly interested in the introduction of new technologies and platforms into emerging economies, as well as how to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystems of these markets. Additional direct experience includes sales team management for an ecommerce start-up in Angola, co-founding of a venture concept focused on emergency response in Kenya, research on effective mobile tools for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) throughout the developing world, co-facilitation of a tech incubator in Algeria, and consulting for a Uruguayan FinTech startup exploring expansion into Africa.

Under her other – more recent – hat, Alanna works as a strategy and social impact consultant for Deloitte Consulting’s Boston office. Her consulting work has focused on healthcare, life sciences, education, and workforce development, some of it Massachusetts based and/or focused.
Alanna is a graduate of MIT Sloan (MBA), Harvard Kennedy School (MPA), and Georgetown University (BSFS). She speaks Spanish and Portuguese well, and French pretty badly (but enthusiastically).

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

quote Preparation for the "future of work" is enabling individuals to be very thoughtful and entrepreneurial about their career passions and ideal trajectories