Aidah Ng’ang’a

Head of Business Development and Partnerships, Metta






Aidah is the Head of Business Development and Partnerships at Metta Nairobi. Her role is entirely focused on bringing in new partners that provide value to its members through content-based and strategic engagement.

Aidah’s career path has transversed through the accounting, hospitality and insurance industries. Growing up, her love for math led her into accounting and finance where she spent some part of her career munching and punching numbers. As it is well-known one can never know their true calling without practice, she soon found her strength lies with interacting with people.

This led her into a 360-degree career change to focus on ways she can utilize her innate strength of human interaction to help companies better engage with their customers. She then joined UAP old mutual group, one of the biggest insurance companies in Kenya where she focused on investments with retail affluent clients.

Having been at Metta Nairobi for almost two years, Aidah now creates mutually beneficial partnerships within and outside of the ecosystem. She is concerned with improving and growing the business, through strategically positioning Metta’s offerings by fostering and developing relationships with customers.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

quote I am optimistic to see the impact automation technology, AI and robotics will have on jobs, skill and wages.

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