Ahmar Kazi

Technology Architect, Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation

North America

Ahmar Kazi is a technology leader with an extensive background in enterprise consulting, helping organizations realize the full value of their technology investments globally. His work involves working with customers on envisioning digital transformation initiatives, devising art of the possible and adjacent possible scenarios using cloud, artificial intelligence, enterprise mobility & productivity.

Ahmar currently works in Microsoft Services division in their consulting group, his team carries an unstated expectation of best in class technical insight combined with industry & domain depth. His primary focus is in AI, conversational platforms and Cross-Platform technology initiatives.

Ahmar is a Computer Engineering graduate, with a master’s degree in Software Engineering, his work has taken him across three continents with a combined experience of over two decades in the technology industry.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

With this global human network within our reach, what is possible is only limited by our imagination, so let's starting imagining a better future.

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