Adrian Gonzalez-Reyna


Latin America

Adrian is currently the Managing Partner at ESTEGO TRANSEARCH, a strategy and leadership development consulting firm. At CFE, the Mexican Electric Utility, Adrian was responsible for building and managing a recently created unit in charge of commercialization of telecommunications services over the second largest fiber network in Mexico. As Managing Director for Global Crossing Mexico, Adrian was responsible for new business development and network operations in country. He worked in the International Telecommunications sector for Booz Allen & Hamilton, based in Washington, DC, where he contributed to several global telecom projects, in twelve different countries around the world. Early in his career he worked in the Auto industries for Mercedes-Benz in Germany.

He recently was appointed as Vice President of Human Capital Development at the CANIETI, and President of the MIT Mexico Alumni Club.

Adrian holds a BS in Telecommunications from the Monterrey┬┤s Tech in Mexico, and an MBA from the MIT in Boston, USA.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

We are living a time full of opportunities. Young people will develop innovative new work areas not envisioned until now.

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