Reinvent the Future of Work

We award over one million dollars to global entrepreneurs using technology to drive economic opportunity for workers.

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Upcoming IIC Finalist Announcements

Asia: July 19

Europe: July 26

North America: August 2

Africa: August 9

Latin America Finalists

From a pool of 720 registrants from 16 countries, 350+ in-region experts selected 12 MIT IIC Latin America Finalists. Meet this year’s best-in-class.

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A Global Tournament

We work with like-minded collaborators in five regions — North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Twenty Regional Winners will proceed to the IIC Global Celebration where four Grand Prize Winners will each win $250,000

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Global Grand Prize Celebration at MIT

The world’s most innovative Future of Work entrepreneurs — the IIC Regional Winners — will gather at MIT for the final round of the global tournament. At this gala Celebration, four Global Grand Prize Winners will be announced and will receive $250,000 each.

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IIC Latin America Celebration

Hosted at the São Paulo Museum of Modern Art, the IIC Latin America Celebration will feature an engaging, multilingual program of keynote speakers and pitches.

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IIC Asia Celebration

Thought leaders, innovators, ecosystem champions, and IIC Asia Regional Finalists will convene to celebrate successes so far, raise awareness of challenges and opportunities for aspiring innovators, and announce the IIC Asia Regional Winners.

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IIC Africa Celebration

The IIC Africa Regional Finalists will gather in Nairobi, Kenya in conjunction with the MIT Legatum Center’s Open Mic Africa Summit, where Zambezi Prize Winners and MIT IIC Regional Winners will be celebrated.

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IIC Europe Celebration

As part of its 350-Anniversary festivities, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany will host the IIC Europe Celebration at their global headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany.

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IIC North America Celebration

The IIC North America Regional Finalists will gather in Detroit, MI, where the Future of Work is truly being reinvented. The Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation will host the Celebration, featuring leading speakers from the local and regional ecosystem.


$2M+ Awarded
50+ Nations Represented
230 Judges
50+ Global Outreach Partners
1,500 Registered Organizations
40 Winners Celebrated
2,000+ Event Attendees

Grand Prize Winners